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Whether you’re an individual or a company, you can rely on us for fully personalized service tailored to your unique needs. If what you’re looking for is not listed in our offerings below, don’t worry. We specialize in creating services based on your specific desires and ideas. Feel free to contact us without any obligation for more information or to discuss how we can create a customized service for you.

Standard services


  • We assist you in securely setting up a hardware wallet with advanced security measures. This enables you to store your cryptocurrency safely and offline, under your own control, protecting it from hackers, viruses, and other digital threats.


  • An interactive, tailor-made lecture where we comprehensively address various topics in an understandable manner. Of course, we can also incorporate topics of your choice into the lecture. This ensures that the lecture aligns perfectly with your needs.


  • We provide assistance with all your inquiries regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency. We are here to determine the best way we can serve you. With our knowledge and experience, we offer independent and up-to-date answers to your queries.

Expert services

Expertise Report

  • We specialize in preparing Expertise Reports. When you present us with a case, we examine it carefully. Upon completion, we provide you with the comprehensive expertise report.

Blockchain Research

  • We specialize in conducting blockchain research. For your specific case, we conduct a thorough investigation. Upon completion of the research, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

Knowledge Partner

  • We act as a knowledge partner for you or your organization. We guide you through all your questions and plans regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can also engage us to support your team (on-site) with all their relevant inquiries.

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